Sahara Today admin. One of the leaders of the Sahrawi people, Aminatou Haidar, many of these activists are in Laayoune — they are essentially, virtually, under house arrest, being monitored nonstop — has appealed to the U.N. Security Council. Sahara Occidental: le processus de règlement sous son ancienne formule est "dépassé" Vendredi, 08/01/2021: Le Maroc a payé contre l'ouverture de consulats au Sahara occidental. 's documentary, _Four Days in Western Sahara: Africa's Last Colony_. Did you know that you can get Democracy Now! World News. And they’ve already mobilized attacks against Moroccan positions along the separation wall inside Western Sahara. Radio Yabiladi AbdelKarim Rais Bitayahi Sadri 44 auditeurs. Please do your part today. We rely on contributions from our viewers and listeners to do our work. Sahara occidental: Pretoria conteste les fake news de France 24, relayés par l'Agence de presse marocaine. 09 décembre 2020 à 10 h 30 min Sahara Occidental : Le Maroc déterminé à «réagir contre toute menace à sa sécurité» Publié le 17/11/2020 par Ali Haidar. Morocco's … They fairly were caught very unprepared, and some positions were easily overrun by Polisario forces. Noticias del Sahara Occidental. They were insulting us, beating us, dragging us and using violence, to let us know that we weren’t going to be able to protest. Alger furieux du troc entre le Maroc et Trump au Sahara. Oltre il muro: la RASD, Violazione dei Diritti dell'Uomo nel Sahara Occidentale, ATTUALITA' dal 1 al 31 dicembre 2003,.A cura di Jacqueline Philippe. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the Western Sahara. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else. It’s been about two years since any journalists have accessed the territory. Sahara Occidental : Les fake news marocains irritent l’Afrique du Sud 10 décembre 2020 admin. The story of Western Sahara is one of colonialism, plunder and resistance. Where do you see this resistance going at this time? Toutes les news Monde. successfully broke the news blockade. And significantly, South Africa is now on the Security Council, that has long been an ally of the Sahrawi people. But this critical moment that took place last week when Morocco violated the no buffer zone, explain the significance of breaking this 29-year ceasefire. AMY GOODMAN: The Polisario Front says hundreds of Sahrawi volunteers have signed up and left for the front over the weekend from Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria. sahara occidental «Périscope» N° 30 : les nouveaux amis d'Israël. While we were in Western Sahara in 2016, Moroccan authorities violently broke up an independence protest led by Sahrawi women. Sahara occidental : Ces Etats du monde qui reconnaissent encore la «RASD». By Martina Dazzi January 2, 2021 January 1, 2021 Africa, Morocco, Sahara. Le secrétaire d'État américain adjoint pour le Proche-Orient et l'Afrique du Nord, David Schenker, s'est rendu samedi au Sahara occidental, un mois après la reconnaissance par les États-Unis de la souveraineté du Maroc sur l'ancienne colonie espagnole.Le secrétaire d'État américain adjoint pour le Proche-Orient et l'Afrique … Now, Polisario, it will be very difficult for them to regain territory inside the occupied Western Sahara, but they can do significant damage to Moroccan forces along the defensive barrier, where most of Morocco’s thousands, tens of thousands of troops are positioned. It’s called the African Lion annual exercise, where countries from all over Africa participate. Le … Le ministère sahraoui des Affaires étrangères a annoncé auprès de l'AFP que le Front Polisario répliquait à l'opération que l'armée marocaine avait initiée ce vendredi. The Moroccan military entered the buffer zone on Friday morning to disperse the civilians, who were evacuated to safety by the Polisario Front. A nearly three-decade-old ceasefire has ended in occupied Western Sahara — what many consider to be Africa’s last colony. Notizie del Sahara occidentale e del mondo Polisario already has advance placements inside what they call the liberated territories, the about a fifth of Western Sahara that’s under their control. “We have not seen fighting like this in Western Sahara since 1991,” says Jacob Mundy, associate professor of peace and conflict studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic studies at Colgate University. News English ; Presa din Algeria anunță că Petre Roman ar urma să fie trimis special al ONU în Sahara de Vest și critică decizia, numindu-l pe Roman ”pro-marocan”/ Algeria și Maroc își dispută de zeci de ani Sahara Occidentale . Aziza was with me, and he struck her in the kidney and hit her head against the wall. And then she fell on the ground at my feet. If it wasn’t for these natural resources, Morocco never would have invaded Western Sahara. And it was significant enough to trigger a Moroccan military incursion, that in turn triggered a Polisario response that has now led to war. Le régime marocain s'emploie à planifier et à mettre en œuvre "une guerre de l'information" pour faire capoter le processus de règlement du conflit au Sahara occidental aussi bien que l'autodétermination du peuple sahraoui, a affirmé l'expert en questions militaires, Ahmed Adimi. 08/12/2020 - 12:05. Morocco took military action just hours after U.S. Major General Andrew Rohling met in Morocco with the commander of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces Southern Zone, which includes occupied Western Sahara. “We’ve seen tensions on the rise, but to have open warfare like this is very significant.”. Morocco hosts one of the largest training exercises organized by AFRICOM. The peaceful blockade backed up traffic for miles and cut off trade between Morocco and Mauritania to the south. Portada; Sahara Occidental; Marruecos; Internacional; Opiniones & análisis; Confidencial; News. Sahara occidental: les Etats-Unis lancent le processus d'ouverture d'un consulat Les Etats-Unis ont officiellement lancé dimanche le processus d'ouverture d'un consulat américain au Sahara occidental, la dernière des anciennes colonies africaines au statut non réglé, que se disputent le Maroc et les … Le 2.09.20 CODESA a été dissous par une majorité de son comité : L'autre partie s'est engagée à continuer les activités, c'est elle qui a tenu  le 25.09.20 son congrès de fondation: Derechos humanos - Human Rights - Droits humains II, Morocco violates ceasefire agreement and the Saharawi People's Liberation Army responds to this new violation, SPS, L’armée marocaine intervient à Guergarate, Algerie 1, 13.11.20, L’armée marocaine intervient contre le Polisario à Guerguerate, Jeune Afrique 13.11.20. Were Morocco to chase Polisario forces all the way into Algeria, then you could see a third party enter, which is Algeria, which is also on high alert right now and very, very concerned about this in terms of what it does for security across the Sahara region, which we’ve seen in recent years has been a zone that’s seen a lot of conflict and terrorism and unfortunate things like that. Les États-Unis adoptent une carte du Maroc intégrant le Sahara occidental. What our cameras couldn’t capture, citizen journalists’ could. News Sahara_occidental . Blocage de Guergarat: Le Maroc a décidé d’agir et le polisario en assume seul les conséquences, Le Maroc intervient militairement pour défendre le couloir du pillage, Après l'intervention du Maroc, le Polisario annonce avoir répliqué, Informe del Segretario general S/2020/938, Report of the Secretary General S/2020/938, El régimen marroquí acosa a la activista y presidenta de ISACOM Aminetu Haidar, Aminatou Haidar denuncia asedio policial de los diversos servicios del ocupante marroquí a Djimi ELGhalia, ella y otros miembros de ISACOM, Stop the smear campaign and prosecution of Aminatou Haidar and Sahrawi activists, ISACOM warns of Moroccan authority’s intention to launch arrests and harassment campaign against its members. JACOB MUNDY: Yeah, we haven’t seen fighting like this in Western Sahara since 1991. Explications Sahara Policy : Find news, multimedia, reviews & opinions on Sahara. He recently got out of jail and voted for the first time. We were the first international news team to … She pulls back her melhfa — her traditional Sahrawi robe — and shows me fresh bruises on her leg, both arms and on her breast. AMY GOODMAN: But the struggle in Western Sahara dates back much longer. They were a large group. And the international media has largely ignored the occupation, in part because Morocco has routinely blocked journalists from entering Western Sahara. broke the media blockade imposed by Morocco and reported from inside occupied Western Sahara. And Ghalia Yimani was being dragged there. So, it’s difficult to say what it will take to pull Polisario back. So, the blockade at Guerguerat was one of the most significant acts of civil disobedience we’ve seen from Sahrawis in about a decade. For the past three weeks, Sahrawi civilian protesters had blocked a Morocco-built road in the area that Sahrawis consider to be illegal. Toute l'actualité Sahara_occidental du Maroc et des Marocains à travers le Monde. And hopefully, out of this, we can get something more meaningful in terms of a peace process and something that can actually lead to self-determination. We were the first international news team to report from the occupied territory in years. That’s how long an African American man in North Carolina was held for a crime he did not commit. Menu. So you can imagine, what, you know, 20 years later, how many Sahrawis are really willing to go to war. The connections between the Moroccan military and the U.S. military have grown in recent years, largely due to Morocco’s cooperation with the construction of AFRICOM as the U.S. military command in Africa. The ceasefire ended Friday after the Moroccan military broke into a no-go buffer zone in southern Western Sahara and exchanged fire with the Polisario Front. In a moment, we’ll speak to professor Jacob Mundy at Colgate University about the end of the ceasefire, but first let’s take a look at the roots of the crisis. So, it certainly is not good optics that Morocco chose to launch this military incursion in violation of the U.N. ceasefire on the same day that military commanders were in Morocco preparing for their annual African Lion exercise. On Friday, a nearly three-decade-old ceasefire has ended in occupied Western Sahara after Morocco launched a military operation. Stay with us. In the streets of Laayoune, the largest city in Western Sahara, Sahrawi protesters took to the streets in a nighttime demonstration for independence. recherche web. was launched at November 10, 2020 and is 0 days. Sahara occidental : L’Algérie attend des Etats-Unis «l'impartialité qu'exigent les défis actuels» Depuis Alger, le chef de la diplomatie algérienne Sabri Boukadoum a déclaré que son pays attend des Etats-Unis une «impartialité qu'exigent les défis actuels» sur plusieurs dossiers, dont celui du Sahara occidental. So, the bigger picture, though, is that, yes, Morocco is using arms purchases as a way of signaling its allegiance to U.S. interests in the region. Not having had good relations with the Trump administration so far, having really bet on Clinton winning the elections in 2016, Morocco has had to find other ways to try to communicate to the White House its interest in strengthening their partnership, and so one of the ways they did this was through massive arm purchases, that Morocco in 2019 eclipsed Egypt as the number one arms purchaser for U.S. weaponry. Democracy Now! AMY GOODMAN: An excerpt from Democracy Now! Les Etats-Unis ont officiellement lancé dimanche le processus d'ouverture d'un consulat américain au Sahara occidental, la dernière des anciennes colonies africaines au statut non réglé, que se disputent le Maroc et les indépendantistes … Sahara News. News most... Popular. Morocco has occupied the territory since 1975 in defiance of the United Nations and the international community.