The Bravi Ragazzi already had a bad reputation: on 19 December 2011 various members had organised a violent pogrom, setting fire to a travellers’ encampment in Continassa, on the edge of the new Juventus stadium, forcing 20 families to leave the area and clearing it for developers to move in. The curva is every bit as territorial as a drug dealer’s corner, and ultras stake out their turf in similar ways: fights, stabbings, shootings and, sometimes, by making alliances and business deals. He also bragged that people “are scared of me”. The firm’s logo, displayed on flags, banners, badges and hats, consists of four silhouettes with batons and bowlers, set against a white or orange background. But Bucci was drawn into the even more ardent world of the “ultras” – tight-knit firms of fanatics, created not just to support a team but to promote the group’s own brand and business interests. Rocco Dominello quickly became influential among both Juventus officials and different ultra groups. The commercial director of the club, Francesco Calvo, said that Bucci was a man who “inspired empathy”. • Follow the Long Read on Twitter at @gdnlongread, or sign up to the long read weekly email here. Other matches were abandoned because of fan revolts. That was Dino Mocciola, leader of the Drughis, who spent 20 years in prison for armed robbery and murder of a policeman. Altissimo, purissimo, sexyssimo: chi è Jason Momoa, l'eroe tutto muscoli e tutine attillate di Aquaman ... arrestato un 21enne. The Calabrian mafia – known as the ’Ndrangheta – from the region that forms the toe of Italy’s boot, proved itself more adept than any other at insinuating itself into northern Italy. The Agnelli family – due in part to their ownership of the city’s newspaper, La Stampa – continued to be revered as Turin’s quasi royal family. Welcome Back”). There were tributes to both ultra members and regular fans: Claudio Spagnolo (knifed on his way to a match); Vincenzo Paparelli (who died when a nautical rocket fired by an ultra flew the length of the pitch and hit him in the head); Antonio De Falchi (a Roma fan murdered outside the stadium); Antonio Currò (killed when a Catania fan threw a homemade bomb into a group of Messina fans); Sergio Ercolano (who fell to his death in 2003). The viaduct is an impressive structure connecting Turin to Cuneo, a city 100km to the south, and south-eastern France. He was close to Juventus staff, sometimes even sleeping over at the flat of Stefano Merulla, the head of the club’s ticket sales division. His lifelong ambition was over before it had really begun, and he feared he would have to sell his house. From down south, Bucci phoned D’Angelo to pitch how he would work with the ultras: “It wasn’t my intention to sink this ship,” he said, “but a bit of water needs to get in.” It is unclear whether he meant the club would be allocating fewer tickets to the ultra gangs, but he did seem to realise that when, as he put it, “people got their feet wet”, they would turn on him. He was introduced to Stefano Merulla. So, a plan was hatched to give Bucci an official role within the club. Toyota Kinto, lʼofferta smart di mobilità multimodale, Covid:tamponi; Sestili,problema è inserire rapidi nel totale, Recovery Fund: Sissa, più fondi ricerca contro fuga cervelli, Covid: l'Irlanda ha l'indice di contagio più alto al mondo, via alla vaccinazione in Albania, The Hunger Games. In a rootless world, they offer a sense of belonging. Si tratta di un 21enne milanese, figlio del leader storico degli ultras nerazzurri, Franco Caravita. “Dirty black shit,” the attackers shouted as he drowned. A source within the Turin flying squad told me “there was an error of judgment [by Juventus management]. The club had recently acquired the Stadio delle Alpi from the city council. Although the ultras are, in some ways, comparable to old‑style English hooligans, they take their planning to quasi-military levels. Because Juventus draw their support from all over the country, their ultras are more eclectic than those of most other teams. Bucci, in fear for his life, retreated back to his home town for the whole of the 2014-15 season. (All it required was that the security detail on the turnstiles did not notice the discrepancy between the season-ticket holder’s name and that of the entrant. Perché sabato sera durante Inter-Udinese i due hanno pesantemente litigato a causa di un coro («Vittorio uno di noi») lanciato dalla Curva e non gradito dal «capo» Caravita. But the ultras would not accept any reduction in their ticket allowance, and Bucci was ostracised and branded a traitor to the Drughi’s cause. This was in clear contravention of the rules, which stated that no more than four tickets could be sold to any individual. Bucci didn’t find a job as an accountant, but he had energy and imagination, and soon found an opening in the lucrative world of match ticket sales. On 7 July this year, Raffaello Bucci’s body was found at the bottom of the so-called “viaduct of suicides”. One source in the Turin flying squad describes Mocciola as a Scarlet Pimpernel: he hasn’t used a phone for years. Una volta inquadrata la presenza di ultras il suo volto, noto, non è sfuggito agli investigatori della Compagnia Duomo, che sono andati  in via Padova, perquisendo la sua abitazione e la sua auto. Bucci’s former champion Dino Mocciola turned on him, and gave him a beating. And yet, despite all those fears, just a week after the Swiss fan’s complaint, D’Angelo told Dominello they would find a way to get him tickets using “a different code”. By all accounts Bucci was a lovable rogue: cheerful, fun and a “trascinatore”, a natural leader. Ora il giovane, di 21 anni, con precedenti, è accusato di tentato omicidio aggravato, lesioni personali aggravate. Ecco la classifica (in % sugli abitanti), Gli agenti segreti si fermano col giallo ai semafori: una ex spia rivela il perchè, Alec Ross: “I social con Trump hanno agito tardi”, Borsa: sì tedesco a Ats Automation Italy per acquisire Cft Parma, David Bowie, ecco cosa ci sarà in 'Modern Love', l'album-tributo a lui dedicato, Max Sirena: "Luna Rossa è l'Italia che non ha paura", Modelle curvy: le più famose regine delle passerelle dalla 44 in su, Nella mente di un novax. The names of “martyrs” of ultra-related violence could often be seen spray-painted on the walls of cities across Italy. They were suspected of being part of the powerful Rosarno clan, involved in extortion in small towns between Turin and Milan. Banners now had to be preapproved by clubs. ... Ultras Channel TifoTV 73,898 ... detto 'Diabolik', storico capo ultras degli … Juventus has strenuously denied any wrongdoing. They married and had a baby boy together. He was rarely at home and, according to Gabriella’s sister, they argued about how he spoiled their son. The Drughi had become sidelined whilst Mocciola was in prison, shunted from the centre to the fringes of the curva, with all that implied for their prestige and their business interests. For years, D’Angelo had looked to Bucci as the go-between to shore up the Juventus-ultra compromise, but now he called the Calabrian, Rocco Dominello, instead: “I want you [ultras] to be calm, and us [Juventus] to be calm, and we’ll travel together.” It was clear that Bucci’s influence was on the wane. The Napoli ultra leader, Genny ’a Carogna (Genny the Swine), proudly wore a black T-shirt urging the release of the man jailed for murdering the policeman Ispettore Raciti back in 2007. 7 Giu, 17:15 - Ragazzo accoltellato a Milano, arrestato il figlio del capo ultrà dell’Inter; 7 Giu, 17:00 - UEFA, Ceferin sui play off: "L'unica condizione è chiudere i campionati entro il 2 agosto" 7 Giu, 16:45 - Serie A, si pensa a un rilancio in stile F1: la sfida è far spendere giganti come Amazon You’re the number one … you can lay down the law if anyone behaves badly.” The next day, in a crunch match against Milan on 21 April 2013, the new group announced itself with a huge banner in the stadium: “Gobbi”. The club felt that Bucci was one of the few ultras with whom they could still do business. He began sourcing and selling tickets to his friends, and friends of friends. Saverio and Rocco Dominello knew they had to tread carefully and obtain the approval of the other ultra groups. Scopri le migliori offerte, subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza. It is not, clearly, a story that reflects well on Italy’s biggest club. Meanwhile each of the handful of most powerful ultra firms was making serious, hassle-free profits. She didn’t understand and Bucci could only say he was “totally paranoid”. A poster of Benito Mussolini forms the centrepiece of their private members’ club in Mirafiori, three bus-stops beyond the end of Turin’s metro. The arches carrying the dual-carriageway over the Stura di Demonte river are 45 metres high. Little wonder that various mafia families were beginning to cast an envious eye on the Juventus ultras. When D’Angelo told Dominello that the rival Vikings’ allocation of tickets had been reduced, Dominello said: “Like I told you to”. In 2011, the couple separated, but remained on good terms. Quali sono i collegamenti tra Coronavirus e dermatiti? As the ultras grew in influence, the number of people injured inside and outside football stadiums increased from 400 in the 1995-96 season to 1,200 in 1999-2000. The head of the Viking ultras, a poker player known to have Sicilian connections, gave his assent. Claudio Galimberti, capo ultras dell’Atalanta, ha scritto una lettera indirizzata al presidente Percassi, patron della squadra lombarda. As he walked back to the players, Totti called out to the manager: “If we play on, they’re going to kill us.”. Bucci’s employer was Telecontrol, a Turin security firm. A quasi sette mesi dall'omicidio del capo ultrà Fabrizio Piscitelli, soprannominato Diabolik, si scioglie lo storico gruppo degli Irriducibili. The images of the Roma captain, Francesco Totti, surrounded by ultra leaders telling him not to play, became symbolic of the power of the firms over Italian football. The club was planning to build a new, 41,000-seater stadium on the site, meaning that it would be one of only three clubs in Serie A to own its own sporting venue (all the others are owned by town or city councils). Juventus was, according to one of his oldest friends, “an obsession”. Bucci had arrived. Profits from tickets sales were invested in wholesale drugs purchases, and vice versa. Bucci seemed to know everyone and, with his accountancy training, had a good head for numbers. domenica, 20 dicembre 2020 - ore 19:33 Accedi Intervista all'esperto, Covid: le malattie cardiache restano la prima causa di morte, La crisi di governo in diretta: stasera il Consiglio dei ministri alle 21.30, Nancy Brilli su Leggo: «Altro che mission impossible», Italiano, era difficile ma ora ce la godiamo, Cosa ci piace questa settimana: i colori fluo, per una sferzata di energia, 25 ricette di cui non potrai fare a meno a gennaio. L'Udinese Calcio, meglio nota come Udinese, è una società calcistica italiana con sede nella città di Udine.Si tratta di uno dei club più antichi d'Italia, essendo nato nel 1896, anche se la sua sezione calcistica risale ufficialmente al 1911.. Because he was banned from matches, Mocciola needed a lieutenant near the turnstiles, bossing the terraces and liaising with the club. In 2013, in the Lega-Pro, the Italian third division, a match between Salernitana and Nocerina was stopped when five players from Nocerina, whose ultras had been banned from attending matches, feigned injury in protest.